Help Needed on Research Project for Masters Thesis – Due June 30, 2012

Research Project: The Impact of Race and Ethnic Related Stressors and the Relationship between Ethnic Identity, Acculturation and Self-Esteem among the Latina/o Population

“Hello. My name is Nichole Bedore.  I am a graduate student in the Department of Counseling within the School of Education at DePaul University.  I am conducting my Master’s thesis on the impact of Race and Ethnic Related Stressors and the Relationship between ethnic identity, acculturation and Self-Esteem among the Latina/o Population. This research is studying the relationships between race-related stress, identity, and well-being among Latina/o individuals.  Understanding how Latina/o individuals adjust to race-related stress in our society is an important topic that needs additional research.  Since my research project is focusing on the experience of Latina/o individuals, I am only recruiting Latina/o individuals who are willing to participate in this project. This research is anonymous. All the information collected is not connected in any way to personal identifying information.

This research consists of completing several brief questionnaires and will take approximately 30 minutes. The questionnaires include a demographic form, a measure of identity, a measure of acculturation, and questionnaires concerning race-related stress, self-esteem, quality of life, and life satisfaction. Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential.

If you think you are interested in participating, and you would like to complete the questionnaires which are online, please use the following survey monkey link and password:

Survey Monkey Link:

Survey Monkey Password: Thankyou

Simply complete the questionnaires and log out.  If you do not wish to participate in this research project, you may disregard this message. Once you log on to the survey monkey questionnaires, and you decide that you do not wish to participate, simply stop and log out.

After completing the survey, if you feel any negative emotional reactions towards the questions please refer to the list of the available counseling services to address these concerns, as well as formal and informal resources to address your needs. In addition, please contact Nichole Bedore at 773-516-1789 if you would like an informal debriefing to address any negative emotions or reactions that may have been triggered.

Please read this PDF for more information.

“Thank you. I appreciate your participation in this research project.”