Melanie Perez, PhD

Melanie Perez, PhD

Melanie Perez, PhD is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and an Instructor in Clinical Psychology/Research Associate at Columbia University.

Through her career she has received broad training in clinical psychology practice, specialty training in interventions for traumatic stress, children’s disruptive behavior problems, Integrational Models and has demonstrated enormous commitment toward culturally competent research with adult and child /adolescent Latino populations to reduce mental health disparities. Specifically most of her research endeavors have focused on translational patient oriented research and modification and implementation of evidence based treatments (EBT) to the Latino population. Dr. Perez has presented and published in this area.

Dr. Perez directs her professional efforts toward improving the plight of underserved children, adults and their families from diverse cultures and high-risk low SES communities. Through Grant writing and Coordination of the grant writing process over the past year she has secured over $3 million in grant revenue and salaries paid by other entities such as the HRSAGraduate Psychology Education Program (D40HP08518-01-00), SAMHSA Expanding and Enhancing Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Services grant (SAHMSA 1H79TI018916-01), and private funding. She has also served as Program Coordinator and Co-Principle Investigator on various awarded research and service grants since 2002.

Dr. Perez is very involved with the community she serves. This is evidenced by her serving in different committees such as the Brooklyn Regional Perinatal Forum Steering Committee, the Brooklyn New York Children’s Committee, and the LFHC Domestic Violence Task Force Committee. She Provides Psychoeducation to breast cancer survivors regarding mental health issues associated with a diagnosis of cancer and provides psychoeducational workshops in local public schools for parents and teachers regarding children’s mental health. She is also very involved in the Latino media and provides regular psychoeducation through television and radio appearances.

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