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Hair Loss And Mental Stress Influence Each Other

Did you know that mental stress is also reflected physically, for example in the hair? If these fail, however, this is in turn a major stress factor. A vicious circle starts, from which the best way out is to adapt your lifestyle.

It is often not known that hair loss and stress are related. Both diffuse and circular hair loss can be triggered by mental stress. Only in the case of hereditary hair loss does the soul play no role.

Hair loss and stress: What helps?

In the case of acute stress, hair loss is short-lived and disappears on its own within six months. In the case of constant stress, eliminating the cause is the best therapy. There are many measures. For example, sufferers can learn relaxation techniques. Herbal preparations such as lemon balm, hops or valerian also have a calming effect and can reduce hair loss.

Bald spots caused by hair loss and stress

Circular hair loss, alopecia, is an autoimmune disease in which the hair roots become inflamed. Can stress be behind this as well? According to experts, a direct connection could never be proven in studies. However, great stress can affect the immune system.

Whether and how much hair falls out on the head or body cannot be predicted. One thing is certain. This condition causes stress. The good news is that this type of hair loss has up-to-date treatments such as scalp micropigmentation. Depending on the stage and level, experts offer solutions to hair loss for both men and women.

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Stress hormones damage the hair root

The connection between hair loss and stress can be found in old sayings. If you often “tear your hair” or keep getting at each other’s hair, you run the risk of losing your hair soon. Acute events such as trauma and also chronic stress can promote hair loss.

Stress hormones and messenger substances can damage the hair roots through an inflammatory reaction. This process changes the hair cycle, causing more hair to fall out. Those affected are usually very insecure as a result. Under great stress, you are sensitized to hair loss. The suffering is great with hair loss, which in turn triggers additional mental stress.