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Social Media and Mental Health

Nearly 70% of the participants admitted to monitoring their social media before going to bed.

Whether you’ve just begun accessing social media or have been doing that for years, you’ve probably heard a lot about its possible detrimental effects on mental health.

However, contrary to popular belief, social media platform is not always a terrible thing. Let us try to discover its positive and negative effects on our mental health

The Downsides of Using Social Media

However, you may be less aware of the specifics. Social media may hurt mental health by:

Open doors for being the envy

The opportunity to compare oneself to others is prevalent on social media.

Disrupt sleeping pattern

Individuals who use social media late at night are more likely to have:

  • Later bedtime
  • Less sleep
  • Sleeping problems

This leads to anxiety and depression

Accessing social media may potentially trigger the display of the signs of anxiety and depression.

The Perks of Accessing Digital Platforms

Having said that, social media platform does have some advantages.

Social media could aid in the promotion of better health by:

  • Increasing the pool of informative data
  • Support in raising the awareness for various causes
  • Channel to connect with like-minded individuals
  • One way to share and enhance your skills