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Raise Public Understanding of Mental Health Issues

It is fitting that May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month since millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues. Communities across the country host annual events and activities to raise awareness about mental health.

Raise Public Understanding of Mental Health Issues

Efforts to raise awareness of mental health conditions allow persons experiencing mental health issues to recognize the signs and seek appropriate treatment. This will enable people to get help BEFORE their symptoms deteriorate.

Ends the Silence About Mental Health

Actions taken to promote mental health awareness aim to educate the public about mental illness, lessen associated stigma, and encourage openness to receive treatment. By raising awareness about mental health, we can get people to see that mental disorder is just another kind of illness, not a defect in their character.

Boosts Availability of Health Services

Communities and states that prioritize mental health care funding ensure that people who require assistance may get it. As more people seek treatment for mental health issues, it is possible that current services will need to grow to accommodate everyone who needs them. For example, young people are among the most crucial target populations for mental healthcare due to the high incidence of prevalent mental diseases among this age group.