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Health Benefits of Short Breaks and Exercise

Even before the emergence of COVID-19, mental health disorders like anxiety and depression were a major contributor to global health difficulties; nonetheless, they have gotten worse. 

An alarming 25% more people globally now report having anxiety or depression than they did in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health Benefits of Short Breaks

Cutting back on screen time can help people who feel lonely, isolated, or envious after scrolling through social media. Taking a break from Facebook for five days or a week can reduce stress and increase life satisfaction. 

Exercise and the Human Brain

Experts discussed both one’s own experiences with the benefits of physical activity. They also talked about the research that supports the link between exercise and mental health. Consistent exercise alters the biology of the brain. 

Regular physical activity, particularly cardio, does alter the brain as well. Don’t think of exercise as all or nothing. For a one-hour workout versus sitting on the couch, it is unnecessary to drive to and from the gym or a bicycle trail in one hour.

That’s why exercising should not be ignored, as it can healthily help one’s overall well-being making life better and happier.